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Jo Ellen Newman is the CEO of Transforming Your Tomorrows- Life & Business Coaching, a coaching company for business professionals and entrepreneurs struggling to rise to the level of their personal or business potential.

Jo Ellen became a multi-certified business and life coach after successfully being entrusted to develop growth strategies and strengthen revenue in the healthcare environment. After serving in influential, respected leadership roles in operational management she established her boutique consultancy coaching services that combines intellect with intuition.

Jo Ellen spent 40 years working in the left-brain. Once she left the corporate world her intuition was given free reign and significantly strengthened making her uniquely qualified to assist those struggling in their career or entrepreneurial business. Infusing the left-brain skills with right-brain strategies can massively increase profits and deepen your business relationships at all levels. Without developing a stronger self-awareness, you are leaving money on the table. You know that, right?

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