Business Tips in a New Age

Posted on: June 11th, 2020

Are you looking out to a new horizon and not quite sure what it brings? None of us are, especially right now after enduring a few months in quarantine. Now some cities are beginning to reopen. But, we have to remember, all that we were doing didn’t always work.

There was an absence of respect or full appreciation for those laborers who would come in day after day to clean or serve meals, phenomenal teachers and even healthcare workers who saved lives were just another part of the workforce. We now are appreciating the meaning of being able to have them in our lives. So how will this week of re-opening offer? What is different? Are YOU different?

I’ve compiled some business tips in the video that might help your LEFT brain cope with the same old problems in a new way and a few RIGHT brain tips to center your energy and keep you moving in an authentic way that allows you to truly honor ALL of those you work with and see the magic that they bring to the table contributing a key piece to the whole.

The reality is, it’s common for entrepreneurs or small businesses to go through cycles, which can include ups and downs. However, you may want to consult with a business coach to help you get re-centered after this quarantine and focus on your rebuilding. An experienced consultant can give a lagging business a jumpstart. Listen to the video to clue in on a few that might help you move forward:

Identify and Eliminate the Bottlenecks

One of the most challenging things for any business or individual to do is to identify true hindrances to success. Whether it’s a hindrance to interpersonal growth or a hindrance to a business’s growth, zeroing in on the true cause of the problem is difficult. Why is this?

We tend to see things from our perspective, which is limited. We don’t see the whole picture of our business or ourselves from an objective point of view. Our view is limited and colored by our life experiences. Implementing the Pomodoro Technique allows you to work with laser focus, refresh and work again. Understanding the time you spend on categories within your business minimizes multitasking and creates clarity on what you need to do, delegate, defer or delete a task altogether.

Maintain Your Energy and Stay in Your ‘Sacred Yes’

Well, normally I might say take time to pause in your business or day-to-day tasks but since we are coming out of this quarantine I would suspect you all can’t wait to re-engage. So to prevent overwhelm right now while you’re re-engaging with clients and trying to rebuild take a few minutes every hour or so by taking some deep breaths or 5 minutes of visualization. This is creative and stress-reducing time. Believe me, this time is powerful. Seeing the success you envision will allow more momentum in building right now to create the future you want for tomorrow. When you’re visualizing, create a place on your computer to ‘brain-dump’ your ideas so that you can go back to them during your ‘creative and business development time.

Years ago, Roger von Oech wrote the book, “A Whack on the Side of the Head”. It is a book about creativity and he was often consulted with large firms such as Apple, CBS, Coca-Cola, NASA, and more. Since I use whole-brain thinking in helping companies move through their ‘blocks’ I found his “mental locks”, meaning those thought processes and attitudes that don’t support new ideas or fresh ways to accomplish your objectives and keep you on the cutting edge, still alive and well in many of today’s businesses. For example, a few mental locks Mr. von Oech cited were: that’s not logical, be practical, play is frivolous, to err is wrong and so many more. This time of reopening is just like reawakening. How are you going to show up differently today that help you reach a new answer for your business tomorrow? It’s up to you.

YOU own the power.

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Posted by: Jo Ellen

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