Can you do this by yourself?

Posted on: January 19th, 2021

Note from the Universe:

“Can you imagine having made a difference in so many lives that people everywhere talk about you for the rest of their lives? Can you imagine truly leaving the world a better place than you found it? Can you imagine that all the angels might know your name? Jo, you have. It’s done. They do. My child is kicking butt in time and space – The Universe …And you’re still so young”

What we put out there is reflected in us. I’ve been challenged to help someone else get what I want to; to knock on doors that I may not have thought about doing. Last night I held my first webinar on “Resetting Your Money Mindset”. Not all who registered attended. There ended up being only four and one had computer difficulties. And… they were friends. LOL. I enjoyed it just the same and was able to share a small measure of my depth on attaining a new money mindset. This subject is important to me. I’ve known fallow times and I’ve known wildly abundant times. I’m in-between in the financial lay of the land right now, which means, I’m comfortable. What changed? ME! I’ve worked very hard on resetting my mindset around money, which is why this year with entrepreneurs on my show will often address the ‘money’ topic. I want YOU to have money health. That doesn’t come with just one web or course but true inner refinement.

If you’re interested in reaching a new money goal; get clearer and empowered regarding your money health; transition your money relationship or open chronic blocks, this course is for you. Reach out to me for more info. You receive a course that illuminates blocks, tools to retrain your brain; action steps toward healing, and a journal to support your experience and offer further ‘aha’s’ on your path to having a healthy money relationship.–ellen-  


So, in these chaotic times, find your peace within. Namaste

Posted by: Jo Ellen

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