Doubt Kills More Dreams than Fear Ever Will

Posted on: September 1st, 2019

In both business and life, one can only count on death, taxes, and change. Your business’s future depends on how you plan, adapt, and respond to that change. But how do we respond to change when we doubt ourselves? This doubt can cripple us if we remain unclear, immobile preventing us from rising to the challenge of bringing our product or service to the marketplace.

I once worked in a corporation for an executive, who has since become nationally known, who always espoused the company needed to move with lightning speed when making operational changes. Why? Because even if we made mistakes the competition would still be slower and in our dust. I have to agree. There is a tactic with executives, even in sales that is a key marker for growth and development and that is creating urgency. Change now! Delays lose sales, lose momentum, lose engagement.

Doubt, keeps us playing small by staying with what is comfortable. In my opinion, doubt is like cancer on our ego, our emotions, our psyche let alone our strategic business plan. Doubt does not empower us to change and as stated, change is inevitable, so ultimately it is a path of destruction. Doubt shows up because it whispers about potential not yet realized but keeps you in your comfort zone. Your magnificence, however, wants to come out and play. Doubt is your anchor to safe harbor preventing your dreams from becoming a reality. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, you have to ask yourself, do I stay moored to the harbor or do I take the risk that I originally set out to accomplish as an entrepreneur? Your new/next product or service must mean something to the market otherwise you would not have created it. Now is time to cozy up with risk and jump into your potential. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your business future has momentum and doubt doesn’t reign supreme.

Visualization: Imagine releasing your bow dock line, can you feel the excitement building? You’re beginning the adventure. Now imagine releasing your stern lines and you’re now free to maneuver away from the dock to begin your journey. Taking action was key. You know where your destination is, you planned for today and now you are moving forward. Just keep going.

You got this!

The Law of Attraction 68 Second Exercise: Start verbalizing out loud things you’ve accomplished in your past and finish it with the phrase, I did it before, I can do it again. Continue with other phrases that compliment all of your qualities whether they relate to the task at hand or not. Continue to express out loud phrases that reflect how wonderful you are for 68 seconds.

You are ramping up your energy and increasing your levels of testosterone on a molecular level. Compare this activity to a sports team a few minutes before they come out of the locker room or just before they take the field with the enthusiasm and energy getting ready to go on the field. Your energy is pumped up and this eliminates fear and spurs you into action.

Journal: Write about the success of the program. Add in places, things, emotions you will/are feeling by having achieved a successful launch. Write about the people that are drawn to your program, service, or product.

Review your Strategy: Allow yourself to course correct and be nimble with concerns that may come up. Be ready to receive great reviews but also be ready to learn from

disappointments. It’s always perfect because those successes buoy you to higher platforms and any failures reposition you for improvements to the next ladder of success. Outcomes ALWAYS work in your failure even though it may not seem like that.

Boldly deliver your product or service without hubris but with confidence now. You got this! Find like-minded individuals to bolster yourself against others who may not believe in what you do and if you can’t find them, then bolster yourself, of course, hire a coach. 😊 There are too many naysayers, who, project their fears onto you and want you to continue to play small. It makes them more comfortable with you. Your job is to change. Your job is to play as big as you possibly can and then start to play bigger. Dreams are NOT meant to be moored to the dock.

Keep moving forward: From massive success or failure, keep asking yourself, so… what’s next? Movement and consistency breed confidence. Don’t waste time worrying about failure. This is your life and it’s meant to experience as many adventures as possible. Forward leaning thoughts, beliefs, and actions, spurred with emotion will always support you on to your dream becoming reality.

“When you move toward a dream, (insert your name here), it moves toward you

When you move every day, it moves every day. Someone pass me a calculator, The Universe

Do the math, this could be your week. You are adored.” (**Notes from the Universe: [email protected])

Posted by: Jo Ellen

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