June 13th Newsletter

June 13th Newsletter

June 13th Newsletter

Happy Flag Day Beautiful Soul,  


Back again.  

I wanted to come back to you straight away to follow up on the reading for this week, honor Flag day in American and because today is the Strawberry full moon in Sagittarius, not Gemini as I mistakenly identified, wanted to talk about intuition playing a role in releasing old patterns and walking into new thoughts and actions that might serve you better.  


With this Strawberry full moon let's delve a bit further into how our intuition can serve us better if we choose to pay attention to it.   



What is intuition and how could it serve you? Why use Tarot or Oracle cards to act as a tool to look within and access your intuition?  


Intuition are those ideas that just squeak under the radar of our conscious thoughts and intentions. Those niggling little thoughts that make us question if that thought was really real. I don't know about you but as an empath and intuitive I too question those fleeting subterranean thoughts and wonder if they are real. Intuition might be an idea that seems to come from nowhere and keeps us up all night with excitement to ferret it out with actions for its viability. The goal of tapping into our intuition is to turn those subtle messages up and recognize them so they can serve the purpose they are meant to serve - which is make our lives better, teach us something or warn us.  


Scientifically, intuition comes from our animalistic part of our brain, the amygdala, to help us heed our normal consciousness and illicit a visceral, gut response. It's our survival instinct to take a right turn versus a left. 


Read more here! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/62a7bc44f7f4e45673c434fa 

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