Memorial Day

Posted on: June 17th, 2021

Hello Gorgeous Souls:

Transforming Your Tomorrows is taking today and this week to say thank you and be in gratitude.

Thank you to all men and women who have served our country. I want to include all of those who also were their partners, children, parents, and volunteers who served those while in and after their service. We have so much to be thankful for because of their service that it becomes almost too big to put into words. So today, I just want to thank my two step-sons who served. I am grateful for my relationship with them and what they continue to do for veterans today.

I was wondering how could I make this day more sacred? I think I have to use my ‘what if’ game, especially right now while we are vacillating between emerging back into society or choosing to continue physical distancing. We have never in our life that we have experienced such a pandemic that has challenged our wills, our capacity for mental strength and stamina.

We often devolve in the ‘what if’ game of our potential future outcomes that encompass all of our fears of death, poverty consciousness, isolation, loss in all its various forms that we forget to remember the converse to that.

WHAT IF … I am supposed to have this time to regroup – be available for my kids like never before or make me the most important person for my health and well-being?

WHAT IF … I’m supposed to try new things such as learning new technology that will evolve my business or develop my relationships in a different way than I’ve ever been used to?

WHAT IF … I gave up too soon and didn’t discover who I was to become?

WHAT IF … I’m supposed to have separation from my family or friends to allow them time for their spiritual evolution or for us to develop a greater depth in our appreciation for each other because of Covid-19?

WHAT IF … this generation is supposed to walk a road that none of us would have ever imagined to shape our world differently?

WHAT IF … someone creates a way of doing something no one else can by being given this time?

WHAT IF … I create something new that I’m able to earn a million/ ten million/ woo hoo, a billion? What IF…?

What if Our Veterans Gave Up Before D-Day?

What if We Never Imagined & Succeeded to Land on the Moon?

Can YOU open Your Imagination to Tomorrow's Possibilities?

This Week’s Thoughts To Ponder

Week of May 25th – 31st,

I believe this time is asking us these questions: Where can you become less rigid and look at your life or your patterns differently? Take one small step so the Universe can take 10 steps toward you. Could you make a statement by taking a risk and doing something differently?

I believe we are at a place in our world where we are truly minor players concerning whether or global pattern changes. This creates chaos and conflict by our allowance of fears to run our life versus re-center and develop our mind muscle in our capacity to adapt.

Knowing that we are in a transformational era how can you work with these global behavioral shifts and find peace and the pearl within you? Mahatma Gandhi said: Be the peace you want to see in the

We are unconscious of things that we cannot see, hear, taste, feel or As a result, we need to tap into our faith or intuition to help us rely on feeling secure during this unknown length of time. With that, are you paying attention to subtle signs or symbols, or message that is meant just for you? What can you listen to and take notice of so that you do something different? Which wolf will you choose to feed? Love BIG. What does that look like for just right now?

Posted by: Jo Ellen

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