Opening the Doors to Your Dreams

Posted on: June 17th, 2021

When have you not allowed yourself to reach for your dreams in your business due to lack of cash flow or fear of not having enough of something, etc.? If you had open doors to walk through and feel, live, experience your dreams, without any caveats or conditions would you walk through the doors? Would you get frightened and be afraid it wasn’t the ‘right dream’? You may have many dreams, how could you choose just one? Do these questions sound like you?

Dreams are available to come to fruition every day. Why? Because any step toward your dream IS living the dream. It is part of it anyway, the experience and feel of it is exactly what IS the very dream you want. Yes, you might have an end-goal vision but how often does that end-goal turn out to be something TOTALLY different than what we imagined? So is your dream the outcome or the action steps successfully taken that got you there? It is both. It is only when you reach the end goal that you recognize your dream has come true but it’s also the very steps that you took in order to realize its manifestation. If you’re not consistently achieving your desired results, 2019 is the year to get clear and course correct with focused action in the right sequence to produce the strategic and financial outcome desired. It doesn’t happen all at once, it’s the forward movement and focused actions taken.

Take just 3 minutes with me and get out of your left brain, your logical brain and let’s use your right brain, shall we? Can you visualize having some spectacular doors in front of you and your dreams are inside just beyond those doors? Just close your eyes and breathe. Visualize your dreams through those doors as if they are right now in your space. Look around at what has transpired. Who have you become to support the dream you have for your company? What have you needed to complete to reach this destination? Who is with you? Are your staff or team members standing with you? Hmm, if not, are they holding the same vision? What do they need to know or who do they need to become to make this business dream a reality? Where was your turning point in the vision when you knew you were on your way to success? Markers are important. Are you basking in the applause of this accomplishment? What else or who else is showing up in this vision that isn’t currently in your business?

Ask yourself these questions and make a list of your answers to questions:

Where are you primarily spending your time in your business?

What is giving you the results, operationally, financially, and personally that you desire?

Compare each

Adjust Accordingly

Can you look back and see the distance from your current business climate to actually achieving your business goals? This distance between where your current state to your desired outcome is your gap and becomes your new ‘to do’ or ‘course correction’ list ultimately supporting new actionable steps or processes to emerge and act on.Pretend the door has opened to your sacred dreams, you just have to step through it. Can you just imagine what is beyond? Think bigger! Your dream is just beyond if you’re brave enough to believe it. Visualize your dream as if it just came true. What does your celebratory party look like? How are you feeling now as you are celebrating your accomplishments?

Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying: “Your Beliefs become your thoughts, Your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

Seems pretty easy. If it was though, why are some gifted businesses still struggling? I have to acknowledge businesses for their perseverance through such frustrations. Try to not place judgment on the current reality in business for a moment and realize these conditions only reflect your history, not your future. It’s often not so easy to see our own business gaps or leadership blind spots to realize that it can be easier. That is when it’s time to hire a business coach who can support clarity and focus in your plan, reduce stress, provide new tools that shifts thoughts and behaviors that support sustaining a thriving business.

It always starts with your thoughts and beliefs, followed by intentional actions that support your vision, fueled by passion to push through the inevitable obstacles. It may include sidebars or detours but aren’t they sometimes the most beautiful and adventurous trips? Every path is taking you to your end goal. Now is the time to believe your business can meet or exceed your dreams. It’s your life experience, your business. What do you want that experience to be successfully taken to beliefs shift the expertise to be like and when do you want your business to thrive beyond your current struggles?

Posted by: Jo Ellen

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